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UB-150 Eye- The uni-ball Eye Micro contains uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof. A ‘Uni-flow’ system ensures a continuous flow of ink right down to the last drop. Fine 0.5 mm line.

Manufacturer’s Description

UB-150 Eye – With uni Super Ink comes uni Super Endurance! A world-class hero that stands the test of time, the Eye has been the world’s favourite uni-ball star for over 10 years. A multi-talented force to be reckoned with, its unique smooth ink flow system ensures a high writing performance right down to the last drop of fade resistant, waterproof ink. The uni-ball Eye contains uni Super Ink. Uni Super Ink provides super resistance, resilience, speed, legibility and colour that lasts. But how does uni Super Ink defy crime and time? It’s all down to larger particles of ink with super strong chemical bonds, for long-term resistance to even the toughest elements.When exposed to UV light, water, alcohol or absorbant paper, uni Super Ink holds fast, ensuring vivid and bright colour that stands the test of time, and even resists the solvents used by cheque and document fraudsters.

User-friendly, safe and comfortable to use with a stainless steel tip provides durability and maintains a smooth flow even with minimal pressure. A unique ‘uni-flow’ system ensures a continous flow of ink right down to the last drop.

Fine (0.2mm) line.

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Uni-ball ub150 eye Rollerball Pen 0.5mm

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