Fountain Pen Nib Width Comparison

AspectFine NibMedium Nib
Line ThicknessProduces very thin lines, preciseProduces thicker lines, less precise
Writing StyleIdeal for small handwriting, intricate detailsVersatile; suitable for most writing styles
Ink FlowRequires less ink flow due to thin linesRequires slightly more ink flow
FeedbackProvides more feedback on paperOffers a smoother writing experience
FlexibilityLess flexible, suited for consistent linesSlightly more flexibility, good for variation
Handwriting AppearanceGives a delicate, refined lookOffers a balanced appearance in handwriting
Ink ShadingShows ink shading and nuances wellMay obscure ink shading due to broader lines
SuitabilityGreat for precision writing, drawing detailsSuitable for everyday writing, general use
Paper FriendlinessWorks well on most types of paperMay bleed or feather on thinner papers
Writing SpeedMay require slower writing for legibilityAllows for faster writing due to broader lines
Ink Drying TimeDries relatively quickly due to thin linesMay take slightly longer to dry due to thicker lines
Ink SaturationShows ink characteristics clearlyMay saturate paper more due to thicker lines

This table should give you a clear overview of the distinctions between fine and medium fountain pen nibs, helping you make an informed decision based on your preferences and writing needs

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Fountain Pen Nib Width Comparison

Aspect Fine Nib Medium Nib Line Thickness Produces very thin lines, precise Produces thicker lines, less precise Writing Style Ideal

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